Skirting Boards and their uses

What are Skirting boards (also called kickboards, baseboards)?

These are skirting boards that cover an interior wall along the base. They have a height of up to five inches. They are mostly in PVC, MDF and natural wood material. These panels are mostly glued, screwed and sometimes nailed. After being painted they enhance the overall look of the interior. Some people never imagine their use while others think they are just for decor purposes.

But how are they so important?

Baseboard Uses

1. Wall damage protection

It may be a scratch from furniture-wall contact or soaking of wall paint when moping, the skirting boards will provide protection. They safeguard the wall from paint ruin by stuff coming too close.

2. Concealing Gaps

When constructing a house, perfectly aligning the wall and floor is extremely hard even for the most skilled. Instead of worrying about the gaping after floor installation they put up these baseboards to cover the imperfection.

3. Covering wiring

Wiring wires are extremely ugly when they hang around. When one looks at the interior of a home, they may think that the ceiling could be the perfect place to hide these wires. But what is repairs have to be done later on? Instead of having to tear down the ceiling in future, wiring is better concealed by these boards. This way repair gets easier and beauty of a home won't be compromised either.

4. Decor purposes

By hiding wires and gaps, baseboards serve as decor by themselves. They can be even custom painted and carved to match the theme of a room.

With all this knowledge regarding skirting boards uses you may have just this one question.

Do you really need skirting boards?

Yes and No.

Skirting boards are extremely important but some people hate them. If you do not like your home with them in place, you can find other options which are quite limited. Some modern forms of architecture do not look well with baseboards so you can choose such structures.